Canoeing on the Saale river in and around Jena

Canoe trip on the Saale from the hotel Schwarzer Baer

Do you want to explore the beautiful, scenic and lovely university town of Jena with its captivating surroundings and at the same time experience an exceptional event?

This is offered by physical activity of a dinghy or canoe trip on the Saale. Through the idyllic valley location, past magnificent landscapes and countless sights, the region around Jena presents itself as an excellent starting point for any explorations – not just by bike or hike but also by water. If you are the type for genuine adventure, there are various sections around Jena with minor slopes and pure nature.

Furthermore, for athletic canoe trips we can also organise an attractive guided tour for you. Calm and relaxing sections of the river Saale may also invite you to a relaxed canoe trip, where you can enjoy the landscape and drift along. The Saale around Jena provides you with diversity for a perfect canoe day and the perfect boat tour.

Would you rather be en route more individually, this is not a problem either: we will take care of the organisation of a Canadian canoe, kayak or dinghy for you as our guest as well.

Our Service for guests of the Schwarzer Baer Jena referring to canoeing


You made the decision to go canoeing in the beautiful Saale valley around Jena? To make your day with the canoe or dinghy on the river Saale as enjoyable as possible, we offer our overnight guests the following:

Pick-up and delivery service for the canoeing on the river Saale


For a small fee, we will get you to the jetty of your choice, around Jena, with pleasure, so you can use your day for an extensive canoe trip on the river Saale. Naturally, we will gladly pick you up in the evening again. Just inform us in a timely manner, so we can plan our capacities and organise the pick-up for you.

Information on the canoe rental and storage for your own canoe


We will gladly assist you with the choice of a reliable company for your trip and book a boat for your canoeing. Furthermore, we can convey a guided canoe or dinghy tour.

If you have your own canoe it won’t be a problem to arrange a fitting storage solution as well. We only require a timely information.

Packed lunch for your canoe trip


A canoeing tour on the river Saale is an onetime experience but it also saps one’s energy. Because of this we pack our guests a lunch to recover at a rest. Our packed lunches are carefully prepared and contain everything you need for your day out.

Regain your strength at a dinner in our restaurant Schwarzer Baer


Your day excursion with the canoe or dinghy comes towards an end. Tired but happy, you will be picked up by one of our employees and brought back to the hotel Schwarzer Baer. There’s no better way to enjoy a delicious meal than after a long and tiring day, without having to leave the hotel again? Our original Thuringian kitchen will spoil you with culinary ideas and countless delicacies in our own restaurant.


We are looking forward to your visit.

Your Hotel Schwarzer Baer Jena team

You are a guest of the Hotel and have questions about canoeing or paddling on the Saale?