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Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday:

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Kitchen closing time 1:45 p.m.)

5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (Kitchen closing time 9:00 p.m.)



11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Kitchen closing time 2:00 p.m.)

Closed on Monday!

Thuringian culinary art

Enjoy the relaxing ambient atmosphere in our restaurant or in our event locations. We offer you home-style, Thuringian delicacies and seasonal cuisine. The Green Salon and our banquet hall are both a suitable location for family celebrations or work parties up to 80 people. The “Spiegelsaal” is our highlight. The room is inviting you and your guests to celebrate parties, to hold conferences and has the perfect setting for a private or business event. You’ll find more details under Conferences & congresses.

Our menu

Home-style Thuringian delicacies and international specialities

Discover our exquisite dishes, which we prepare for you fresh and with regional ingredients.

Valid from 15.04.2024


Beef Roulade

Thuringian Potato Dumplings | Red Cabbage with Apple


24,50 €

Wine suggestion

Naumburg Steinmeister, Herzer Dornfelder Vineyard, dry or half-dry


Roasted Lamb Hock

creamy Polenta of Root Vegetables | Honey-Thyme-Jus


23,50 €

Wine suggestion

Red Wine Cuvée, Wolfram Proppe Vineyard, dry


From Pot & Pan

Viannese Schnitzel

Steakhouse Chips | Side Salad


26,00 €

Wine suggestion

Grüner Veltliner, Johannes Topf, dry, Bottle only


‘Susländer’ Pork Saddle Streak

sweet Potato-Carrot-Puree | baked Vegetables | Port Wine Jus


24,50 €

Wine suggestion

Pinot Blanc, Lützkendorf Vineyard, dry


Lamb Chops

Bouquet of Beans | Potato Gratin


26,50 €

Wine suggestion

Malbec, Alamos, dry


Heifer Beef Ribeye Steak

Wood Garlic Butter | Maize Comb | Rosemary Potatoes


30,50 €

Wine suggestion

Rioja, Baron de Ley, dry, Bottle only


Fish dishes

Northern Salmon Filet

wild Rice | Spinach-Tomato Cream


24,50 €

Wine suggestion

Merlot Rosé, A. Diehl Edesheim, German Quality Wine, brut


Catfish Filet from Schkölen

creamy Lentils | Citrus-Butter-Sauce


22,50 €

Wine suggestion

Weißburgunder, Klaus Böhme Vineyard, dry


Tender Pickled Herring

Root-Rösti | Rèmoulade Sauce


18,50 €

Wine suggestion

Radeberger Beer, Radeberg, freshly tapped


Vegetarian & vegan dishes

Wood Garlic Spaghettini

green Asparagus | Cherry Tomatoes |
singed Goat Cheese | Grana Padano


19,00 €

Wine suggestion

Naumburg Steinmeister, Herzer Vineyard, fruity


Wood Garlic Risotto

baked Cauliflower | green Asparagus | dried Tomatoes


18,50 €

Wine suggestion

Silvaner, Lützkendorf Vineyard, sweet


Asparagus dishes

Asparagus cream soup

Asparagus garnish | wild garlic pesto | croutons

(10, a, c, l)

9,00 €

Variation of leaf salads

Marinated white and green asparagus | fresh strawberries I sliced nectarines | roasted nuts I Orange-buttermilk dressing

(10, h)

14,50 €

Pound of asparagus (raw weight)

Boiled potatoes | three kinds of ham

(2, 4, 10, c, l)

24,00 €

Pound of asparagus (raw weight)

Boiled potatoes | Slices of smoked salmon

(2, 4, 10, c, l)

26,00 €

Two small Wiener schnitzels

300g asparagus (raw weight) | buttered parsley potatoes

(a, c, l)

29,00 €

Veal saddle steak

Ragout of white and green asparagus | rosemary potatoes

(10, a, c, l)

32,50 €


green asparagus | semi-dried tomatoes | young spinach leaves salmon cubes | Grana Padano

(2, 4, 10, a, d, l)

27,00 €

Wine suggestion

Pinot Blanc Erste Lage, Lützkendorf Winery, dry

9,50 €
31,50 €

Naumburger Steinmeister, Dornfelder, dry or semi-dry

9,20 €
30,00 €

All asparagus dishes can be served with hollandaise sauce or clarified butter.


Chocolate Brownie

Rhubarb Ragout | Banana Ice Cream


9,00 €


Mango-Prosecco | Currants


7,00 €

Hibiscus Blossom-Parfait

white Chocolate Mousse | Citrus-Gugelhupf (Sweet Yeast Cake)


10,50 €

Kids main

Turkey escalope

with buttered carrot sticks and French fries


9,50 €


with fruity tomato sauce


7,40 €

Thuringian potato dumpling

with sauce


5,20 €

Potato fritters

with apple sauce and fruit


7,60 €

French fries

with red and white sauce


5,40 €

Kids Desserts

2 scoops of ice cream of your choice

with fresh fruit and whipped cream


6,40 €

Choice of ice cream flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

Recommendation of the week

We recommend our seasonal asparagus dishes!

Ragout of chicken, beef and veal

mushrooms | tagliatelle

(10, a, c, i, l)

21,50 €

Additives & allergens


  • 1. Phosphate
  • 2. Preservatives
  • 3. Flavor enhancer
  • 4. Antioxidant
  • 5. Dyes
  • 6. Quinine
  • 7. Coffeine
  • 8. Ginger
  • 9. Sweetener
  • 10. Lactoprotein



  • a) Gluten-containing cereal
  • b) Crustaceans
  • c) Eggs
  • d) Fish
  • e) Peanuts
  • f) Soy
  • g) Milk
  • h) Nuts
  • i) Celery
  • j) Mustard
  • k) Sesame
  • l) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites

Our wine list

Enjoy your wine from Thuringia or other wine regions from our exquisite wine list.

White wines




2020 | Riesling “R736”
Freyburger Edelacker – DRY
VDP. First layer
pithy, taste of ripe apples and apricots
2019 | Müller Thurgau
German quality wine, dry
Winery Klaus Böhme
young, fruity white wine with a touch of passion fruit
2022 | Kerner
Quality wine, dry
Wolfram Proppe
Viticulture in the Gleistal
Citrus, pineapple, peach and exoticism characterise the aroma. The aroma, filigree fruit paired with a hint of the typical of the typical iced-bourbon aroma of the kernel. Fructose enriches the harmonious ensemble




2019 | Chardonnay
Di Lenardo
fine fruit in the bouquet, juicy, fruity taste, aromatic and spicy on the palate




2018 | Sancerre
AOC, Domaine Michel Thomas, dry beautiful bouquet of oranges and pineapple, fruity aroma, full-bodied, round

Rosé wines




2019 | Alles Rosa
German quality wine – DRY
Winery Klaus Böhme
Cuvée of Portugieser,
Dornfelder and Frühburgunder
radiant rosé, fragrant bouquet, fresh,
fruity and delicate taste




Champagner Ruinart Brut
Impresses with its golden yellow colour,
its iridescent sheen and very fine bubbles,
it has a delicate, fresh and fruity nose of
nose of wide fruits, predominantly pear

Red wines




2018 | Naumburger Steinmeister
German quality wine – DRY
Winery Herzer
cherry-like fruit and velvety elegance, deep red colour with violet reflections




2018 | Merlot “Di Lenardo”
fruity harmonious bouquet
soft, dark fruit, balanced and finely spicy




2012 | Amarone
Valpolicella Classico, dry
goes well with game dishes




2016 | “Tignanello” Tiscana I.G.T
Tenute Tignanello, dry
it is intense, fruity and complex in the bouquet, on the palate it shows an optimal structure, is well balanced with juicy tannins and a pleasant and a pleasant long finish
2015 | Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
D.O.C.G., dry
La Braccesca
Bouquet of cherries and vanilla, soft finish





2012 | Château Lestage
AOC Listrac Medoc Cru Bourgeois, dry
soft, deep, elegant and fruity bouquet,
Deep, full fruit on the palate, full-bodied,
elegant and spicy
2003 | Château les Ormes Sorbet
ACC, trocken
a Château that is exquisite, full-bodied and dense.
With its beautiful red and black fruit, it is well balanced with attractive, berry scent




2018 | Malbec
Bodega Piedra Negra, Francois Lurton, dry
Deep ruby red, elegant with an intense fragrance of red and black berries, on the palate a fresh fruit,
soft, matured tannins, very harmoniously balanced




2016 | Carménere Gran Reserva
“Terra Noble”, DO Valle del Maule, dry
Agricola Santa Camila, San Clemente
intense ruby red, complex and harmonious aromas
of ripe fig and dark fruit with coffee,
spices and toast notes in the background, full body.
Good balance of oak and fruit, soft, harmonious

We will be happy to advise you on finding the right wine for your favourite dish or a special occasion. The right wine provides the right enjoyment experience!

Smokers Lounge & Cocktail Bar 

You’d like to stay the night, have a conference or meeting in a cozy ambience and wouldn’t like to miss the enjoyment of a cigarette or cigar? In our smoking lounge you can relax with a cigarette or cigar together with your favorite drink.

Enjoy Home-Style Cooking in Jena’s historically Richest Restaurant

A Placid Restaurant with a tangible History right in the Heart of Jena

Dive into the historically rich ambience of the Schwarzer Bär (Black Bear). As one of the oldest establishments the city has to offer, we invite you to savor the specialties within our authentic halls. Our history is one of excellent taste, as even Martin Luther, one of the most influential people in European history, recognized our quality. Enjoy an exceptional menu in our extensive premises and admire stained glass motives on our windows; a marble of medieval artistry. 

The comforting interior welcomes you to strengthen yourself with a relaxing lunch or to close your day with a culinary treat during dinner time. In our Smoker’s Lounge & Bar, we happily serve you a cocktail of your choice in a cozy atmosphere.


Welcome to our Restaurant!

German Cuisine with Quality and Tradition – just for you

Thanks to our team of dedicated and passionate cooks, our regional ingredients turn into dishes both tasty and easy on the eye. May it be fish, meat, eggs, vegetables or fruit: When it comes to our ingredients, we prioritize both virility and a regional origin. When we prepare the food, pleasing our guests is our top priority. Hence, you are welcome to adjust the dishes to your liking, should the ingredients not fit your taste. Do your prefer another side dish? Would you like to eat vegetarian? Just ask our staff and we provide you with the culinary experience you want! With this, every visit to the Schwarzer Bär is an experience you won’t regret.

We also freshly cook vegetarian and vegan dishes just for you!

We always provide you with dishes made from fresh and regional ingredients!

An Award-Winning Kitchen

Our guests have awarded us with the Dinner’s Choice Award 2023. Try our outstanding dishes now!

We always provide you with dishes made from fresh and regional ingredients!

Relishing Fine Dining in Jena – just like the Reformer Luther

Ever since it was first mentioned in a document in 1498, the restaurant Schwarzer Bär has been a symbol of regional quality, freshness and excellent service. As one of Jena’s traditional restaurants, we regard actual preparation, as opposed to using instant meals or deep-frozen ingredients, as one of the most crucial cornerstones of our home-style cuisine and our culinary identity. Our kitchen’s pride is the traditional Luther-Menu. Traverse the reformer’s path and experience a menu that may be historic, yet is not outdated. The taste of the Luther-Beer completes this culinary time travel and brings the rich culture of Jena’s beer-brewing craft to life.

Luther in Jena

In line with Luther’s 500th birthday, we offer you a Lutherian menu containing 5 or 4 courses.

On sunny days: dine on our terrace

Of course, a good meal also requires good surroundings. If you prefer to enjoy your meal in the fresh air, you can sit on our terrace in fine weather and enjoy our dishes to the full. Admire Jena’s architecture and indulge your palate at the same time. Directly opposite our terrace you will find both Jena’s long-established university and its new newest campus at Inselplatz. Next to this stronghold of knowledge, we serve you some of the best classics that Thuringian cuisine has to offer. On warm summer nights, you can relax from the hot days on our terrace with an aromatic wine. And what could be more romantic than dinner for two at night? Book a table on our terrace today and let the charm of Jena convince you!

Our spacious outdoor seating area invites you to linger.

From Thuringian Specialties to international Haute Cuisine

Inside our historic facade, a classic interior awaits you. Fitting our design, we are proud to continue the great traditions of the Thuringian cuisine.  Specialties like the famous Thüringer Klöße, dumplings made of potatoes, which contain deliciously crusty croutons. Or try our Schwarzbier Krusten braten (Dark Beer Crusty Roast), a mouth-watering slice of pork with a crust, marinated in a sauce based on dark beer. These and many other specialties are sure to put you in the mood for a relaxing evening or your favorite season. Additionally, our bourgeoise cuisine utilizes high-quality Thuringian venison, taken directly from the surrounding woods, as well as freshly caught fish from nearby rivers. The dishes we create with these ingredients are inspired by classics from the Thuringian cuisine. Combining these ingredients with our cook’s expertise brings fourth a gastronomical experience like no other. 

Hirsch Carpaccio

From traditional Thuringian cuisine over modern dishes onto vegetarian specialties – we offer culinary highlights for everyone!

Yet, international specialties have found their way onto our menu as well. Dishes like our Piccata, made from high-quality organic Turkey hen breast, raised responsibly in the nearby valley of Gönnertal. Or our apricot-zucchini kofta, a specialty usually made put of minced meat, which doesn’t use any of its deliciousness in vegan form. These and many other new recipes stand side by side with traditional specialties, with both of them having equal ground.

The best validation for our work is our customer satisfaction. On Open Table, independent guests have rated our establishment with a 4,8/5. This endorsement as well as the overwhelming feedback on the platform inspire us to continue doing our best work.

Drinks from Thuringia and the World

The tradition of cultivating wine has a long tradition in Thuringia, even longer than the traditional foods we know today. The picturesque Saale-Schleife (a loop of the river Saale) is not only a famous travel destination for hikers and bikers alike. Hiking trails surrounding the wine producing hills of Bad Sulza and bicycle tours in the wine-bearing mountains of Naumburg or the wine producing area of Freiberg-Unstrut convey the Beaty of this landscape – both in terms of optics and taste.

Those accustomed to fine wines appreciate the region because of its Thuringian wines, e.g. those from the estates in the Saale-Unstrut region. Even in restaurants specialized in wine, those from Thuringia are an insider’s tip. As the successors of the royal wine producer for the duchy in Jena, we set the highest expectations for ourselves. A detailed list of our wines can be found in our wine menu. 

However, sometimes a full-bodied beer for diner is just what you want, no matter how sweet and fruity the wine is. Don’t worry though, all those who revere the hoppy goodness, our menu holds many surprises. Enjoyers of pleasantly creative cocktails are also taken care of. In our lounge, we happily serve you drinks with higher standards, from classics like the Cuba Libre, to alcohol free variants, such as the Virgin Colada.