Thuringian culinary art

Enjoy the relaxing ambient atmosphere in our restaurant or in our event locations. We offer you home-style, Thuringian delicacies and seasonal cuisine. The Green Salon and our banquet hall are both a suitable location for family celebrations or work parties up to 80 people. The “Spiegelsaal” is our highlight. The room is inviting you and your guests to celebrate parties, to hold conferences and has the perfect setting for a private or business event. You’ll find more details under Conferences & congresses.

You are also welcome to visit our Sunday Matinee.

Back to the time of Martin Luther

The “Schwarzer Bär” is an integral part of the history of the city of Jena. Beside him 1853 Prüfer “Deutsches Haus”, 1890 the “Sächsische Hof”, 1899 potter’s “Kaiserhof” and in 1911 it seemed as if Muller’s “Fürstenhof” outstripped all previous, if not bring to a standstill. But just as the “Göhre” was well-known, no promising new creation could harm the “Bär”, and so it remained what an anonymous rival had already done in 1872:

„Jetzt sei der Bär von mir genannt
als Lutherhaus berühmt, bekannt,
dass hier der Wein auch stets ein guter,
das fand schon Doktor Martin Luther.“



Smoked trout filet

with grated horse radish and buttered bread

Clear soup of ox

with egg sting and small pepper dumplings

Breast of Guinea fowl

Served on sauerkraut with grapes and bread dumplings

Wild berry compote

with whipped cream

Luther-Beer dark or light

34,00 € per person

We kindly ask you to make a reservation two days in advance.

Our menu


Home-style Thuringian delicacies and international specialities

Traditional dishes


Thuringian beef roulade
with a sour cream sauce, red cabbage with apples
and Thuringian potato dumplings (10,a,g)
16,90 €
duck breast and leg
with mugwort sauce,
red cabbage with apples
and Thuringian dumplings (a,i)
19,50 €
turkey steaks
on sorts of mushrooms
served with potato croquettes (10,g)
14,90 €
roast of haunch of venison
with juniper berry sauce,
served with wild mushrooms, red cabbage with apples
and Thuringian potato dumplings (a,i,j)
18,50 €
strips of beef and turkey
with sorts of mushrooms
and fettuccine (a,c,g)
16,50 €

Fish dishes


Norwegian salmon filet
on two kinds of carrot and baby spinach
served with gnocchis (10,a,c,d,g)
17,90 €
zander and “Schkölener catfish“
with vegetable casserole,
sweet potato fritters and dijon mustard sauce (10,a,d,g)
17,90 €

Vegetarian dishes


capellis with pumpkin filling
on sautéed vegetables
with planed Grana Padano (10,a,c,g)
12,50 €



caramel panna cotta
on a sweet pumpkin ragout (10,a,c,g)
8,50 €

Additives & allergens



  • 1. Phosphate
  • 2. Preservatives
  • 3. Flavor enhancer
  • 4. Antioxidant
  • 5. Dyes
  • 6. Quinine
  • 7. Coffeine
  • 8. Ginger
  • 9. Sweetener
  • 10. Lactoprotein



  • a) Gluten-containing cereal
  • b) Crustaceans
  • c) Eggs
  • d) Fish
  • e) Peanuts
  • f) Soy
  • g) Milk
  • h) Nuts
  • i) Celery
  • j) Mustard
  • k) Sesame
  • l) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites

Recommendation of the week

sirloin steak of shoat

on duet of red and white pointed cabbage,

served with chestnut puree

and apple-date-chutney (8,10,g)

17,90 €

Smokers Lounge & bar in Hotel Schwarzer Bär

You’d like to stay the night, have a conference or meeting in a cozy ambience and wouldn’t like to miss the enjoyment of a cigarette or cigar? In our smoking lounge you can relax with a cigarette or cigar together with your favorite drink.