Motorcycling through Thuringia

With your Motorbike through Thuringia

The hotel Schwarzer Bär in Jena is the perfect starting point to discover historic Thuringia with its beautiful green scenery. Spend the night by ancient ambience of the hotel and let you serve in traditional Thuringian way. Besides the culinary supply the hotel Schwarzer Bär offers various services exclusive for bikers.

Exclusive biker service


Apart from a magnificent ambience and culinary supply the hotel has a special service in particular for bikers. The hotel Schwarzer Bär os the perfect starting point for any biking tour through Thuringia with this service free of charge:

  • Lockable parking spaces for motorbikes
  • Tools for small repairs
  • Arrangement of a workshop appointment by larger defects
  • Tips for routes and day trips

With the booking of your hotel room in the Schwarzer Bär you can simultaneously reservate a lockable parking space. Naturally, the accommodation of your bike is free of charge.
In case of longer trips throughout Thuringia smaller problems with your motorbike are possible. Therefore we provide you with a set with tools which you gladly can borrow.
Furthermore it’s no problem if you need an expert due to larger defects. We know specialists in Jena and gladly arrange an appointment for our guests so that you can start your next tour as soon as possible. If you need any suggestions for routes feel free to contact us.

Biker Touren in Thüringen

Bikers are welcome!

Biker Tour durch den Wald

Divine routes through forest

Beautiful motorbike tours in Thuringia


A motorbike tour through Thuringia stands out with its wide green area and forest as well as many culinary highlights. Apparently, Jena is surrounded by an unlimited amount of forests and natural parks which are definitely worth a motorbike tour. In the immediate surrounding of Jena you can find the national reserve “Jenaer Forst” as well as the “Saaletal” which westwards almost seamless passes into the “Ilmtal”. Northern, you can get to Weimar and the southern slope. Additionally, the wide “Finne Triasland” is located in the north of Jena. The extensive reserve extends along the river “Unstrut”. The northern wine-growing district around Naumburg and Freyburg – where the champagne cellars of “Rotkäppchen” are based- also invite you for a drive and of course to taste selected wines of the region around the Schwarzer Bär. The east, as well, is rich in treasures: you can take a look at the “Geraer Schluchten” or the city forest in Gera or visit the “Kostritzer” brewery. It’s probably the best-known beer of Thuringia which also can be tasted in the hotel Schwarzer Bär.

Tour Jena


If it’s your first visit in Jena, we recommend you a tour in and around the city itself. The JenTower with 160 meters height give you an excellent panoramic view of the city. From there you continue your motorbike tour past the “Leuchtenburg” to Rudolstdt and the residential palace “Heidecksburg”, always along the river Saale. Further south you will reach Saalfeld with its famous “Feengrotten”. These are accessible grottoes ranked among the most colourful ones. Through part of the reserve “Thüringer Schieferbene / Obere Saale” you’ll reach Ziegenrück – a beautiful Saale valley with water reservoirs perfect for a quick cooling – and Neustadt an der Orla. There you can visit the butchers’ historic shopping street. The last break is going to be in Gera, surrounded by an exciting hilly landscape. Highly recommendable are the numerous grottos and especially the “Geraer Höhler”. You drive a relaxed 184 kilometres that provide you with enough time for culinary breaks or allow discovery tours after each stage finish.

Get to know more about sight around Jena. On request, we gladly organise a guided tour which brings you closer to the city and its history.

Erinnerungen an Bike Tour durch Thüringen

Shoot impressive photos throughout your tour.

Wartburg als Tourenhighlight

The “Wartburg” is only one of the many highlights that can be seen throughout the tour.

Tour Wartburg


The second motorbike tour through Thuringia, in comparison, stands out for appealing motorbike course which goes over hills and through valleys past mountainous forests and water falls.
Once more, you can start at the hotel Schwarzer Bär. You’ll reach Arnstadt and contiguous “Jonastal” after passing Kirchhasel, Teichröda and Dienstedt. The course is edged by the Thuringian forest. From there we continue to Crawinkel. The highway leads you to the “Luisental” and down to Ohrdruf, until you arrive in Friedrichsroda. Afterwards, you drive along the winding “Rennsteigrücken” crossing Kleinschmalkalden, Brotterrode, Cabarz and Schmerbach. Finally, you arrive in Eisenach. With the local “Wartburg”, worth a visit itself, in sight you can reach the Dragon Gorge – a beloved hiking area – to Etterwinden and Ruhla. Through the extensive forest area you’ll reach Brotterode. Passing the Trusetaler waterfall, you’ll make your way through the thick forest in Schmalkalden. Via Rotterode and Oberschönau you reach Oberhof, easily recognizable by the Hans-Renner ski jump on your right. Be prepared for metres in altitude on your way to Stützerbach: on the way you will pass the “Großer Beerberg” with 983 metres in altitude and the “Großer Finsterberg” with 944 metres in altitude. Via Ilmenau you get directly back to the hotel Schwarzer Bär. This motorbike tour leads you 384 kilometres through the beautiful Thuringian forest and the described landmarks.

Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions.

Culinary Thuringia


After an exhausting daytrip through Thuringia our restaurant gladly indulges you with traditional Thuringian cuisine and a refreshing beverage in the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant. Enjoy the traditional Thuringian dumplings, juicy roast and the original Luther beer. We especially recommend our four-course Luther menu. Additionally, the hotel Schwarzer Bär also offers international specialities. Our wine list includes selected wines of the Saale-Unstrut region as well as noble international wines.

End your motorbike tour through Thuringia relaxed in the smokers lounge & bar in the hotel. There’s no better place for a good nightcap.

Motorradtour neigt sich dem Ende

End an eventful day in our lounge

hotel schwarzer bär außen

Well catered for at the hotel Schwarzer Bär

Breakfast for biker


Among our comfortable rooms you will find inexpensive standard rooms, but also real treasures. With your booking of one of the rooms including breakfast you will also receive an extensive daily breakfast to fortify for your day ahead.


Individual packed lunch


No day tour without proper provision: at your request we put together a varied packed lunch. Therefore, you can choose what you want to take with you on your motorbike tour. Work up an appetite and find out more about our packed lunches.

You are a guest of the hotel Schwarzer Bär and have questions about hiking routes or the special service for our hiking guests?